Evaluation of Commercial Feeds for Rearing Advanced Fingerling Walleye

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the suitability of 5 commercial feeds3 for rearing juvenile walleye (Stizostedion vitreum). Two open-formula feeds (the coolwater W-16 formulation and the Abernathy salmon formula) and 3 closedformula trout and salmon feeds (Glenco Mills trout feed, BioMoist, and BioDry) were evaluated. In the first phase, walleyes (age —166 days posthatch, 161 ± 13.2 mm total length (TL), and 39.2 ± 10.4 g) were stocked at 4 densities from 6.7 to 14.6 g/liter (20 to 50 fish per tank) and reared separately on W-16 and the Glenco Mills trout feed for 70 days (from 166-236 days posthatch). In the second phase, walleyes (age —313 days posthatch, 227.5 ± 17.2 mm TL, and 108.2 ± 28.3 g) were stocked at the same density (22.0 g/liter) in all tanks, and performance was compared over 98 days (313- 411 days posthatch) separately on BioMoist, BioDry, and Abernathy feeds. Density had no effect on growth or condition with the W-16 and Glenco Mills feed. Feed type, however, significantly influenced growth and condition: growth rates were poor for fish fed the Glenco Mills and Abernathy diets, and in the second phase, fish fed BioMoist and BioDry grew faster and had a better condition than fish fed the Abernathy feed.

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