Impacts of Increasing Hybrid Striped Bass Stocking Rate and Frequency

The impact of changing the hybrid striped bass (white bass Morone chrysops o x striped bass M. saxatilis o; WBxSB) stocking strategy on 2 Texas reservoirs was evaluated. Stocking of WBxSB in lakes Arlington and Graham was increased from 20 fingerlings (25-76 mm TL)/ha and 112 fry (6 mm TL)/ha biennially, respectively, to approximately 50 fingerlings/ha annually. Annual fall or winter gill net surveys were conducted to monitor densities of WBxSB and gizzard (Dorosoma cepedianum) and threadfin (D. petenense) shad. Spring creel surveys were conducted to evaluate angler utilization of WBxSB. Scales from WBxSB collected in 1987 were aged to determine year class strength at each lake. Gill net catch rates of WBxSB increased significantly after fingerling stocking rate and frequency were increased. Catch rates of gizzard and threadfin shad did not change significantly. Total fishing effort and directed pressure and angler harvest rate for WBxSB also increased significantly after the stocking rate and frequency were increased.

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