Immobilization of European Wild Hogs with Azaperone and Ketamine: An Alternative

Trapped European wild hogs (Sus scrofa) were immobilized with a combination of azaperone (AZ) and ketamine hydrochloride (KHCl). One capture dart containing AZ was followed in 4-26 minutes by an injection of KHCl with a hand-held syringe. It was our intent to inject each hog with 4.4 mg/kg of AZ and 6.6 mg/kg of KHCl. This drug combination was safe and effective. A mixture of KHCl and xylazine hydrochloride (XHCl) also was used. However, the KHCl-XHCl mixture required drug volumes > 10 ml to achieve chemical restraint for hogs >65 kg. During the time required to deliver a second or third injection, trap related injuries increased. Also, multiple darting caused additional trauma to the hogs. The AZ-KHCl combination reduced trap related injuries by eliminating multiple darting necessary to immobilize hogs >65 kg.

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