The ASP Tactical Baton

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is currently in the process of upgrading its law enforcement services through advanced training in the area of defensive tactics. One of the objectives of this mission is to certify each of Georgia's conservation law enforcement officers in the use of an intermediate weapon in an effort to have a complete line of force options available to its law enforcement personnel. In an attempt to fill this void, the Department has selected one of the most highly advanced intermediate weapons available to law enforcement today, the tactical baton. The Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) tactical baton is the one the Department feels will be most suited for Conservation Law Enforcement. The Department believes that based upon tactical performance, control potential, injury reduction, psychological deterrence, instructor certification training availability, ease of implementation, and cost there is no better choice. The ASP tactical baton, combined with a progressive training program, enables the Georgia conservation officer to have a complete system of force options available in the continuum of force.

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