Survey of Habitat Management Assistance by Forestry and Extension Personnel on Nonindustrial Private Lands in the Southeastern United States

Assistance foresters in the 12 southeastern states were surveyed by mail questionnaire to ascertain the amount of habitat management they recommended for nonindustrial, private forest (NIPP) lands. The efforts of state wildlife extension specialists also were estimated by examining existing data sources. Assistance foresters managed >550,000 ha for wildlife in 1987, with >60% of this being reported by private consultants. The 550,000 ha represented >20% of the total area managed by assistance foresters during the year. The 12 state extension offices reported 29 full-time equivalents allocated to wildlife activities in 1987, and provided information and assistance to individuals owning >2.6 million ha. Increasing foresters' knowledge of the available resources for habitat management activities would result in an even larger portion of NIPF lands being managed for wildlife.

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