Movements and Wintering Locales of Atlantic Flyway Canada Geese

A "home range" analysis using 23,285 observations of 6,036 neck-banded Canada geese (Branta canadensis) seen from 16 October to 28 February 1984-87, identified wintering concentration areas within the Atlantic Flyway. Biweekly sampling of 4 cohorts affiliated with these concentration areas during the last 2 weeks of January revealed that >90% of the geese wintering in the Chesapeake Bay and western Pennsylvania regions arrived in these areas by early October. Most geese (>90%) sampled in central New York appeared by early November, while 90% of the sample of birds wintering in North Carolina were not present until early December. Fifteen to 25% of the North Carolina sample was observed in the Chesapeake region prior to their arrival in North Carolina.

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