Landowners' Perceptions of Hydropower and Flood Control OPerations

A survey was conducted of landowners on upper Lake of the Ozarks, from the Harry S Truman Darn at Warsaw, Missouri, to 16 miles below the darn. The study was initiated to determine citizen opinion toward the current 4-turbine operation at Harry S Truman Darn in light of managing authorities' proposals to increase power generation through routine use of 2 additional turbines that could diminish recreation and tourism values of upper Lake of the Ozarks. Results revealed that landowners residing at the lake had little tolerance for any changes in hydropower operations that would increase water fluctuations, bank erosion, and siltation at the lake. Generally, property owners indicated that fishing, swimming, and boating on the lake had worsened since the darn began generating power in 1981, but the quality of these recreational activities still was acceptable under prevailing management. Landowners did not support managing authorities' desires to operate the project at its technological potential.

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