Estimating the Effects of a North Florida Reservoir Drawdown Utilizing Creel Data

Lake Talquin was dewatered in September 1983 and a 2-stage refill was completed by mid-July 1984. Spring creel surveys were conducted by the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission prior to (1978, 1981) and following (1985-88) this drawdown. Harvest estimates have increased 5-fold for largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) since 1986. Black crappie (Pomoxis nigromoculatus) were harvested in record numbers in 1987 but declined appreciably in 1988. Sunfish harvest after 1986 returned to pre-1986 levels and has stabilized. The sharp increase in harvest estimates for all species in 1987 was due to recruitment of their 1984 post-drawdown year class to harvestable size. Benefits to the sport fishery from the drawdown were not immediately realized but became evident to anglers as increased harvest in 1987.

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