Movements and Habitat Use by Coyotes and Bobcats on a Ranch in Southern Texas

Movements of coyotes (Canis latrans) (N = 6) and bobcats (Felis rufus) (N = 4) on the La Copita Research Area in southern Texas were determined by radio-telemetry from April 1985 through September 1986. Mean home range sizes of resident individuals were 3.04 km2 for coyotes and 2.88 km2 for bobcats. These predators frequently traveled outside their home ranges and exhibited extensive interspecific home range overlap. Frequent travel outside the home range seemed related to subsequent dispersal. Several individuals captured on La Copita proved to be non-residents or temporary residents of the ranch. Thickets and drainages were important habitat types in bobcat home ranges. Coyotes were less selective in their habitat use patterns. Drainages were used as travel corridors by both coyotes and bobcats.

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