Streamside and Adjacent Upland Forest Habitats in the Ouachita Mountains

Habitat characteristics of 2 landforms, flood plain and adjacent upland forest, were sampled along perennial streams in 3 regions of the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas. Stand density, basal area, and den tree density were not different between landforms or among mountain regions. However, the proportions of stand density and basal area comprised of hardwood species and nut-producing species were usually different between landforms and regions. Differences in species composition were consistent, with more hardwoods in flood plains than in uplands, and more in the Crystal and Zig Zag mountains than in the Fourche Mountains. All dens (cavity entrances ≥2.5 cm) were in hardwoods. Important den tree species were American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), blackgum tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica), and white oak (Quercus alba).

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