Law Enforcement Planning: A Challenge and a Dilemma

Law enforcement practitioners have always found effective planning difficult in terms of measuring results. The Division of Law Enforcement has developed a planning system that maximizes limited resources, enhances morale and fosters a team spirit. Mandatory long-range planning within the agency has lead to the implementation of a "quarterly field planning" concept by the Division in which supervisors and their officers meet together each quarter and set 4 high priority work goals and develop strategies to meet those goals. This "directed patrol" concept reduces aimless, rambling patrols, and increases group interaction and team problem solving. The quarterly plans also serve as a mechanism by which top management can direct field changes in policy or priority activities. Results for each quarter are evaluated by regional and Central office personnel. Quarterly planning meshes into the Division>s strategic (long-range) planning by providing information on problem areas for the Division's Central office review and action.

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