Justice or Injustice (The Conservation Ranger)

Throughout the many years of his existence, the conservation ranger has never held an ideal relationship with the news media. The highly isolated areas that he works, the low profile he maintains, and the seclusion he often places himself in, have all contributed to making the ranger almost invisible to the news media in many areas, but especially in the area of law enforcement. As a peace officer, the conservation ranger is undoubtedly one of the least understood aspects of the criminal justice system. Often working alone, with little or no contact with the outside world, the ranger works diligently toward enforcing a state's game and fish laws. But the ranger's responsibility to the public does not end with his protection of the wildlife and habitat. It also incorporates some of the highest duties bestowed upon any government official: that which includes the protection of life, the safeguard of liberty, and the maintenance of social institution conducive to the pursuit of happiness.

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