Attitudes, Practices, and Preferences of Licensed Fresh Water Anglers in Florida

The Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission conducted a telephone survey of 602 licensed resident fresh water anglers to assess the effectiveness of agency programs and delineate future direction. Over 70% of license holders were primarily largemouth bass fishermen. Licensed anglers have a higher socioeconomic status than the general public. At least 60% of licensed bass anglers support restrictive regulations to improve bass fishing. Presented with 6 major fisheries programs, more licensed anglers felt lake restoration and largemouth bass management (37% and 22%, respectively) should receive primary emphasis. Of 10 fisheries research or management initiatives, only 2 were known to 50% or more of licensed anglers. Thirty percent of licensed anglers felt television and newspapers should be used more often to communicate fisheries information, and 18% felt more brochures should be used.

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