Hand-reared Mallard Releases on 3 Private Farms in Maryland

Histories of releasing and hunting hand-reared mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) on 3 private farms in Maryland were examined. Since 1962, 171,800 mallards were released; annual releases now total 7,300 birds. Hand-reared mallards averaged 65-90% of the ducks harvested on the 3 farms. Hunters on the farms harvested 24-43% of the mallards released during 1980-84; hunters off the farms harvested an additional 4-11 %. Hand-reared mallards were sedentary; 83% were harvested on the release sites, and an additional 14% within 79 km. In 1985 it cost Remington Farms $4.96/bird released and fed until October.

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