Changes in Missouri Float Stream Law Enforcement

The objectives of the study were: (I) evaluate Conservation Agent law enforcement activities, (2) identify trends in recreational use of the Big Piney River, Current River, and North Fork of the White River in the counties of Texas, Carter, Douglas and Ozark. From 1980 through 1985, non-fishing citations were: 39% of Big Piney River citations, 55.5% of North Fork River citations, and 80% of Current River citations. From 1983 through 1985, non-fishing citations increased from 16% to 51% of the total on the Big Piney River, from 47% to 71% on the North Fork River, and from 74% to 91.5% on the Current River. When agents were given full police authority on Department-owned lands (1981), non-fishing citations increased on Department access areas on the Big Piney and North Fork rivers. The rising popularity of tubing and associated litter has increased the littering citations by Current River agents to 91.5% of stream citations in 1985. Ninety-four percent of the canoe vendors believed patrolling of the streams and enforcement of fishing rules and the littering statute increased compliance by a majority of river users.

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