Natural and Induced Production of Striped Bass Hybrids in Tanks

Natural and induced production of striped bass hybrids was examined under controlled tank conditions. Four culture female F1 hybrid bass (striped bass, Morone saxatalis x white bass, M. chrysops) received human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and ovulated, but only 2 spawned eggs. These eggs, deposited in fresh water, were fertilized by HCG-treated cultured male F1 hybrids. One untreated (no HCG) female F1 hybrid which was paired with 2 untreated male F1 hybrids and held in brackish water (13 ppt salinity) also tank spawned and fertilized eggs were produced. This is the first documented case of a non-induced “natural” tank spawn among these striped bass hybrids. Hatch rates for the F1 x F1 hybrid cross were low. One attempt to induce a tank spawn between a HCG treated female white bass and 2 similarly treated male striped bass was not successful.

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