Hunting Leases on Private Nonindustrial Forest Land in North Carolina

Landowners in North Carolina leased hunting rights on about .91 million ha (12%) of forest land for about $3 million in 1984. Large proportions of forest land were leased in the northern (30%) and southern (26%) coastal plains. Average tract size leased in the northern coastal plain was 550 ha and in the southern coastal plain was 389 ha. In the Piedmont, the proportion of leased land (12%) was substantially less than in the coastal plain, and average tract size was only 154 ha. Only about 3% of mountain land was leased for hunting with an average tract size of 117 ha. The average lease rate was $3.09 per ha, and was expected to rise to $4.03 per ha in the near future. A near-term increase of about 5% in amount of leased acreage for hunting was indicated. Deer was the most important game species on leased land, but quail was the species most owners preferred to increase.

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