Comparison of Population Estimates on a Known Largemouth Bass Population

Population estimates were calculated for a known young-of-the-year (Y-O-Y) largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) population in a Piedmont North Carolina pond. Bass were collected by electrofishing for 6 consecutive nights. Estimates were derived using capture-recapture (Chapman, Chapman modified Peterson, Schnabel, and Schumacher-Eschmeyer) and removal (Leslie and DeLury) methods. Accuracy and bias of population estimates for each method were assessed from a statistical framework. All methods gave negatively biased estimates. Schumacher-Eschmeyer and DeLury exponential catchability models gave minimally-biased, accurate estimates within 12% to 17% of the true population. Independent Chapman estimates also gave acceptable results (known population within 95% confidence limits) when at least 56% of the known population was marked and the number of sampling occasions >4.

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