Trihybrid Sunfishes: Their Growth, Catchability, and Reproductive Success Compared to Parentals and Hybrids

Survival, growth, reproductive potential, and catchability of parental, F1 hybrid, and trihybrid sunfishes were evaluated in hatchery ponds for 28 months. The longear sunfish o x redbreast sunfish o F1 hybrid, its reciprocal, and these F1 hybrids outcrossed with the reader sunfish (i.e., trihybrids) were produced artificially, but natural hybridization in ponds was erratic. Survival of all fish types was good, and growth of F1 hybrids and trihybrids was greater than that of parentals. Only 1 F1 hybrid (redbreast sunfish o x longear sunfish o) exhibited a reduced reproductive potential. F1 hybrids and trihybrids were more vulnerable to angling than parental types. Generally, trihybrids grew better and were easier to catch than F1 hybrids.

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