Freshwater Aquaculture in Florida: Highlights of a 1983 Survey

The freshwater aquaculture industry in Florida was surveyed by mail in 1983. Of the aquaculturists who responded, 74% raised ornamental fish; 14% raised food, bait, and/or gamefish; 9% raised alligators; and another 3% raised fish, but did not indicate the species, Respondents to the survey had 7,094 ponds that covered 264 ha with an annual production value of $6,775,719.50. Using survey data and assuming there were 300 aquaculture firms in the state, it was estimated that there were 27,300 ponds covering 1,093 ha, with an annual production value of $37,642,884. Ornamental fish culture was by far the dominant form of aquaculture in Florida.

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