Aspects of the Biology of Spotted Seatrout in Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana, with Management Implications

A life history study of spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) was conducted in Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana, from January 1976 through December 1983. This species was found to be essentially non-migratory, as it appears to spend most of the year within Calcasieu Lake. Most spawning takes place during July and August. Fecundity values for various length classes captured in 4.1-, 4.4-, and 5.1-cm bar mesh monofilament gill nets demonstrated that spotted seatrout taken with the 4.1-cm bar mesh contributed greater spawning power than fish caught in both the 4.4-cm and 5.1-cm combined. Spotted seatrout captured in the 3 mesh sizes approximately corresponded with age classes III, IV, and V respectively. The minimum bar mesh of 4.4 cm is recommended to allow age class III to spawn with little risk of net capture. A portion of Calcasieu Lake (West Cove) should be designated as a sportfishing area only.

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