Activity and Movements of Coyotes in Mississippi and Alabama

Daily activity, home-range size, and seasonal and dispersal movements of 13 coyotes (Canis latrans) were studied in eastern Mississippi and western Alabama using telemetry techniques. Coyotes were most active and traveled the greatest distances between 1800 hours and 0600 hours. The highest movement rates occurred near sunset and sunrise. Mean distances traveled during 12-hour full-night periods were greatest for adult females (9.5 km) followed by adult males (8.6 km) and juveniles (5.6 km). Average distance traveled by all coyotes during full-night periods was shortest during fall (5.3 km) and longest during winter (12.2 km). Two juveniles and 1 adult dispersed 20 km, 140 km, and 20 km respectively, between November and January. The mean home range of adult females (41.2 km2) was about twice the size of adult males (20.0 km2) and nearly 4 times the size of juveniles (11.8 km2). Adult male and female mean home ranges were smaller than those reported in most previous studies where similar methods were used.

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