Tag Retention and Survival of Floy-tagged and Fin-clipped White Catfish and Channel Catfish in Hatchery Ponds

The retention of Floy FD-68B anchor tags and survival of 200 tagged and fin-clipped white catfish (Ictalurus catus) and channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) were determined over a 184-day period in 2 0.20-ha ponds. In 1 pond, 50 tagged fish and 50 fin-clipped fish were stocked. In the second pond, 50 tagged and fin-clipped fish and 50 fin-clipped fish were stocked. Of the 70 tagged fish recovered (all tagged fish received 2 tags), all had retained at least 1 tag. Four Floy tags were lost, yielding an overall tag retention of 97.1 %. No separation of plastic sleeves was observed from the remaining 136 tags. Floy-tagged fish exhibited the highest rate of survival (86% ), followed by fin-clipped fish (66% ), then Floy-tagged and fin-clipped fish (54% ). The results indicated that use of Floy tags was less detrimental than removing a pectoral fin and spine from catfish. It was determined that 1 tag per fish would yield sufficient tag returns for a later study due to the high tag retention rate.

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