Evaluation of Snares, Leg-hold, and Conibear Traps for Beaver Control

From December 1981 through July 1983, No.2 Kleflock snares, No.4 Victor leg-hold traps, and No. 330 Conibear traps were evaluated for beaver (Castor canadensis) control in Mississippi. No. 330 Conibears captured more (P < 0.10) beavers than did snares in dive sets and more (P < 0.01) beavers than any other set-type combination tested. The number of non-target species captured in snares was less (P < 0.01) than the number captured in either of the other devices. Economic analyses of vehicle, labor, and equipment costs/beaver captured showed No. 330 Conibears to be the least costly to use, No.2 Kleflock snares were next, and No.4 Victor leg-hold traps were most expensive.

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