Evaluation of Optimum Stocking Rate of Striped Bass x White Bass Fry in Hatchery Rearing Ponds

The optimum stocking rate in hatchery rearing ponds was determined for female striped bass (Marone saxatilis) X male white bass (Marone chrysops) hybrid fry that would yield the highest number of fingerlings/ha of acceptable size and condition. Five fry stocking rates ranging from 494,000 to 2,470,000/ha were tested to determine the effect on number of fingerlings produced, average total length, average weight/I ,000, total weight, and condition. The optimum stocking rate was calculated to be 1,875,000 fry/ha, which would yield 537,000 fingerlings/ha. Average total length and average weight! 1,000 fingerlings was 25.4 mm and 191.7 g, respectively, at the optimum stocking rate. Total weight and condition of the fingerlings produced were not affected by the 5 stocking rates. Efforts to maximize production of acceptable quality fingerlings has become an economic necessity as the demand for Marone fingerlings in Georgia has increased.

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