Estimating Relative Sales Potential of Tilapia in Supermarkets

An experimental pricing study using a Latin square design was conducted to determine the relative sales potential of fresh, pond-raised tilapia (Tilapia aurea) in supermarkets in north Alabama. Six prices ranging from $3.06/kg to $4.611kg were tested in 6 supermarkets during a 6-week period in September and October 1980. The effect of price on average sales of the sample of stores was estimated by simple linear regression. Sales potential varied from 4.11 to .97 kg liveweight! 1,000 customers over the price range, or approximately 617 to 146 kg/week for the 4 city study region. Retail prices which yielded maximum net revenue to the retailer and farmer were estimated to be $2.84/kg and $4.83/kg respectively.

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