A Creel Survey of the Snagging Fisheries of Two Tailwaters on the Coosa River, Alabama

During March, April, and May 1979, a nonuniform probability creel survey of snag fishermen was conducted in the tailwaters of Logan Martin and H. Neely Henry reservoirs located on the Coosa River in Alabama. Fishermen harvested an estimated 5,278 and 4,640 fish in the 2 reservoirs, respectively. Daily catch was 57 fish/ day at Logan Martin tailwater and 50 fish/ day at Neely Henry tailwater. White bass (Marone chrysops) were the predominant fish in the creel. Catch/unit effort (CPE) was 0.75 fish/hour at Logan Martin tailwater and 0.89 fish/hour at Neely Henry tailwater. The typical fisherman traveled less than 47 km, was not species specific, had less than 5 years snagging experience, spent an average of $6.68 per trip, and fished for food and sport.

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