Length Variation in Species and Hybrid Populations of Blue, Channel, and White Catfishes

Blue catfish (lctalurus furcatus) , channel catfish (I. punctatus) , white catfish (I. catus) , and their hybrids channel x blue, blue x channel, channel x white, and white x blue were produced and grown to an average total length of 150 mm and weight of 30 g in earthen ponds. Blue catfish (P < 0.0 I) and white catfish (P < 0.02) were more uniform in length than channel catfish. The channel x blue hybrid was more uniform in length than its reciprocal blue x channel hybrid and channel catfish (P <0.02). Uniformity of channel x white and white x blue hybrids was not different from that of channel catfish (P > 0.05). Paternal predominance for length uniformity found in reciprocal channel-blue hybrids was not found in hybrids involving white catfish. Skewness in length distribution were zero or slightly negative, indicating catfish fingerling populations were normally distributed. More competitive environments increased skewness (P < 0.05).

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