Deer and Cattle Diets on Longleaf Pine-Bluestem Range

Seasonal diets of cattle and lead deer (Odocoileus virginianus) using three subunits of a rotationally burned longleaf pine-bluestem (Pinus palustrisAndropogon spp.) pasture receiving moderate yearlong grazing are compared with lead deer diets from 3 similarly managed, ungrazed subunits. Considering all plant species, diet overlap averaged 44.3, 34.7, 21.5, and 8.0% during winter, spring, fall, and summer, respectively. Summer diets were largely complementary. On the average, deer selected 15.5% more browse on ungrazed sites during winter, but 7.3 and 7.8% more browse on grazed sites during spring and summer, respectively. Prescribed burning reduced diet overlap during spring.

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