Survival and Distribution of Canada Geese From Ballard County, Kentucky

We banded 1,987 Canada geese (Branta canadensis) at Ballard Wildlife Management Area (WMA), Kentucky 1974 - 81. Additionally we observed 1,459 neckbanded individuals at Ballard WMA 1977 - 81 and obtained 11,649 observations of these individuals in the Mississippi Flyway. Analysis of these observations and 195 hunting recoveries indicated a strong association between Ballard WMA and Wisconsin. Average annual survival was estimated as 72% for geese banded at Ballard WMA 1974 - 79. Of 783 movements between refuges in southern Illinois and Ballard WMA, 73% were movements into Kentucky. Sixty individuals originally banded on the Hudson-James Bay coast were observed at Ballard WMA 1977 - 81. The origin of these individuals does not suggest a strong association between Ballard WMA and a particular segment of the breeding range.

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