Population Dynamics of Largemouth Bass in Degray Lake, Arkansas, 1975-1979

Estimates of abundance, production, growth, survival, and mortality of largemouth bass were derived from spring electrofishing samples in the upper, middle, and lower sections of DeGray Lake from 1975 to 1979. Mean population estimates ranged from 86 to 163 bass per hectare; the populations were dominated by bass of ages I and IT (73% to 96%). Population estimates of the 3 coves based on surface area were biased because there were large differences in the ratio of shoreline length to surface area. Population estimates were adjusted to correct for this bias. Production was highest in the midlake section each year. Mean production estimates, based on spring electrofishing samples, ranged from 19.1 to 30.9 kg/ha. The greatest production of tissue and highest mortality occurred during the 2nd year of life. Harvest data indicated that 29.3% of the estimated spring standing crop of largemouth bass was taken by angling in 1977, and 26.8% in 1978.

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