Hunting Season Movements of White-Tailed Deer on Fort Sill Military Reservation, Oklahoma

Low hunter success in conjunction with a high population index prompted a 2-year study to test the hypothesis that white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) were moving to the adjacent refuge during hunting season. Of 5 males and 14 females, only 2 females used the refuge in a manner inconsistent with preseason use. Daytime use areas increased during hunting season. Daytime use area of bucks did not differ from that of does, but a greater percentage of bucks made excursions 3 - 9 km from their daytime use area. Discrepancy between hunter success and population index was attributed to low vulnerability due to use of extensive blackjack - post oak (Quercus marilandica - Quercus stellata) cover type during the day and to high visibility on spotlight counts due to concentration of deer in meadows at night.

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