Effects of Fishing Regulation Changes on Lotic Wild Trout Populations

Effects of liberalized season and the institution of a trophy trout water classification were evaluated at 35 sample stations on 24 trout streams. Trout standing crop significantly increased (0.05 level) at 1 station and significantly decreased at 2 stations. Two stations showed significant increases and 2 stations showed significant decreases in trout abundance. Analyses of pooled data for all streams indicated no significant change. Following the implementation of the 11month season, trout standing crop increased in 50% of the streams and 71% exhibited an increase in trout abundance. The longer fishing season apparently has had little effect on the lotic population of wild trout. All trophy trout waters showed increased standing crops and abundances with significant increases (0.05 level) in standing crops in 2 streams and a significant increase in abundance in 1 stream. The trophy trout regulation has served to increase the wild trout biomass and abundance.

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