Eastern Bluebird Production in Nesting Boxes in Pine Plantations

Seventy-four nest attempts by the eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis) were made from 1977 - 80 in nesting boxes in 2 loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) plantations, age 1 - 4 years in east-central Mississippi. Of the 303 bluebird eggs laid, 245 (81%) hatched and 232 (77%) produced fledglings. Mean number of young fledged per successful nest averaged 3.87, with an average clutch size of 4.42. The largest number of nest attempts, eggs laid, and number fledged occurred at plantation age 3 years. The 1st nest attempts began in March and the latest were in August, with most young fledging in May, June, and July.

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