Behavioral Patterns of Bald Eagles Utilized in an Experimental Hacking Project

A bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) hacking program was initiated at the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Land Between The Lakes during the summer of 1980. This program was a cooperative effort between TVA and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to reintroduce the bald eagle as a breeding species in Tennessee. Two eaglets, obtained from wild nests in Wisconsin, were placed in a manmade nest atop a 12.7 m (40-foot) tower on June 28. They were fed and monitored from a nearby observation tower until released on August 10. Observations of the behavior patterns of the eaglets were made. These included documentation of feeding ac:tivity, inter- and intraspecific interactions, exercising, and other behavior patterns. Each bird was fitted with 2 transmitters for monitoring post-release movements.

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