Winter Movement Of Florida And Northern Largemouth Bass Near A Heated Effluent

Winter home ranges and movements of northern and Florida largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides salmoides and M. s. floridanus) in a heated cove of Boomer Lake, Oklahoma, were estimated by using ultrasonic telemetry. Within the heated cove, individuals of both subspecies (3 northern, 2 Florida) occupied home ranges that appeared to be related to the distribution of heated water, cover, current, depth, and food. Other fish of both subspecies left the heated cove and did not return. No periodic migrations into or out of the heated cove were observed, although tagged bass frequently moved among several limited areas of cover within the cove. No clear behavioral differences between subspecies were found that might explain the lower over-winter survival of Florida largemouth bass in Boomer Lake, but it appeared that mortality was not due solely to low temperature.

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