Survey Of Current Practices And Problems In The Mississippi Catfish Industry

A survey designed to elucidate current farming practices and problems was sent to all known catfish farmers in Mississippi. Most farms are greater than 45.5 ha (100 acres) and stocking rate averaged approximately 7410 fish per ha (3000 per acre). Most farmers use tractor pulled feeders and feed floating feed. The vast majority of respondents sold their fish to processors. The majority of respondents would like to increase their catfish farm acreage. Slightly more respondents produced their own fingerlings than purchased them and most managed their own farm. Few respondents had pesticide kills while about one-third had serious parasite or disease kills and one-fourth had oxygen depletions. Chi square analysis was used to test the relationship between farm size and stocking rate, stocking rate and oxygen depletions, and stocking rate and parasite and disease kills. Only the relationship between farm size and stocking rates was statistically significant.

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