Squirrel Densities In Pine-Hardwood Forests And Streamside Management Zones

Time-area counts in east-central Mississippi revealed squirrel (5ciurus spp.) fall densities of 3.06/ha in pine-hardwood forests (PH), 3.14/ha in pine-hardwood forests next to streamside management zones (PH-SMZ), and 6.55/ha in streamside management zones (SMZ) in 1974. In 1975 squirrel densities were 1.48/ha (PH) and 2.55/ha (SMZ). Densities were also higher in SMZ (3.38/ha) than in PH (2.32/ha) and in PH-SMZ (1.95/ha) in 1978. PH had a slightly higher squirrel density (3.41/ha) than SMZ (3.36/ha) in 1979. Average detection distance was 31.4 m and average time for detection was 13 minutes. SMZ with an average width of 100 m in bottomland sites, provided higher (averaging 4.08 squirrels/ha) gray squirrel (5. carolinensis) populations.

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