Procedures For Age Determination And Growth Rate Calculations Of Flathead Catfish

Cross-sections cut from the articulating process (AP) of pectoral spines were used to determine age and back-calculate growth of 370 flathead catfish (Pylvdictis olivaris) from 2 Oklahoma reservoirs. The accuracy ofthis method was validated by the following: agreement between the number of annuli and known age of 16 fish; 1 new annulus formed in the pectoral spines of fish tagged in 1970 and recaptured in 1971; agreement between calculated length increments and known length increases of tagged fish; and agreement between assigned age and length frequencies of young fish. Pectoral AP sections were superior to dorsal AP sections for age determinations. Sole use of sections from the distal end of the basal recess of pectoral spines would have resulted in underestimation of age by 1 to 5 years in fish of 3 to 13 years of age.

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