The Aquaculture Industry Of Arkansas In 1979

A survey of previous Arkansas fish farmer certificate holders was conducted during 1978-79 through the use of renewal questionnaires, telephone conversations, and personal contacts. This survey was compared to similar surveys from preceding years. Approximately 65.3 percent of the 13,540 intensively farmed hectares in 1978-79 was devoted to the production of bait fish, while 28.1 percent was utilized in food fish production. Total area in bait fish production has remained virtually unchanged since 1975-76, but the value of the bait fish industry has increased by 7.0 percent. A 30.8 percent increase in area intensively farmed for food fish has resulted in a 17.0 percent increase in food fish value since 1975. Area devoted to catfish fingerling production increased 130.2 percent over the 1975-76 survey, while the total value ofcatfish fingerlings increased 70.8 percent. The aquaculture industry of Arkansas appears to be a relatively stable industry that is flexible enough to absorb mild fluctuations in various production values over an extended period of time.

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