Wild Turkey Ranges In Alabama Mountain Habitat

Annual and seasonal ranges of 76 resident and 13 restocked wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) from the Alabama Lower Coastal Plain were studied over a 3-year period in a north Alabama mountain habitat. Turkeys were tracked by radio telemetry. After exploratory movements of up to 9.2 km, restocked turkeys adjusted to the habitat within about 6 weeks and included the release site in their annual ranges which were almost identical in size to those of resident birds. Resident turkeys released at their capture-site used it as part of their annual range and when released as far away as 4.0 km returned to the capture-site. Mean annual ranges of 1,544 ha for 33 resident and 1,559 ha for 9 restocked turkeys were measured and were over 3 times larger than those reported for the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.

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