Seasonal Movements Of Restocked Wild Turkeys In North Carolina

Nineteen wild turkeys (MeleaKris Kallupavu silvestris) were restocked in a North Carolina mountain habitat in February and March. 1978. Each turkey was equipped with a solar-powered radio transmitter package. Seasonal home ranges and maximum seasonal distances from the release site were determined from the date of release through winter 1979. Turkeys were tracked from 29 days to 406 days following release. Dispersal from the release site continued through fall 1978 before stabilizing. The average maximum distance from the release site at that time for 9 hens and I gobbler was 7.0 km (4.3 mil. Seasonal home ranges were largest during spring and smallest during winter. The average spring 1978 range for 9 hens and 6 gobblers was 1.335 ha. The average winter 1979 range for 7 hens and I gobbler was 178 ha.

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