Nutrient Analysis Of Selected Forbs On Clearcut Areas In Southeastern Oklahoma

Select forbs, chosen on the basis of their suspected importance in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) diets, were collected in the geologic Ouachita Highlands and Coastal Plain provinces in southeastern Oklahoma to determine nutrient content and dry matter digestibility. Sampling was conducted from May to September, 1977, on 5year- old clearcuts. Field dry matter, crude protein, calcium, phosphorus, ash, and in vitro dry matter digestibility were determined. Crude protein content (9.2 to 16.8%) was generally low for all species. Calcium and phosphorus concentrations (0.75 to I.57% Ca and 0.19 to 0.37% P) appeared adequate to meet estimated daily maintenance requirements for white-tailed deer. Dry matter digestibility ranged from 31.4 to 46.7% and averaged 40.8%. Differences (P<'05) in nutrient content and dry matter digestibility were not evident between the Ouachita Highlands and the Coastal Plain geologic provinces in this study except for ash content.

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