Morphometric Characters Of Two Morone Hybrids

Morphometric ratios of female striped bass (Marone saxatilis) X male white bass (M. chrysops) and female striped bass X male white perch (M. americana) that were best for distinguishing them from the parental species were: standard length/ body depth, head length/second anal spine length, head length/fourth dorsal spine length, standard length/fork length, fork length/total length, second anal spine length/third anal spine length and head length/upper jaw length. Ratios were generally intermediate between those of the parental species, but sometimes differed from those of either parent. Computer plots of ratios against standard length demonstrated that many changed as a function of fish length; thus care should be taken to utilize similar sized individuals when employing them for identification purposes. Plots of body measurements against standard length indicated most were linear, with the general exception of head depth, fourth dorsal spine length and the 3 anal spine lengths.

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