Frequency Of Low Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations In Ponds For Commercial Culture Of Channel Catfish

Data were obtained on dissolved oxygen (DO) problems in 36 ponds used for the commercial production of channel catfish (lctalurus punctatus) in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. The frequency of DO concentrations below 2 mg/Iiter at dawn was greatest during summer when water temperatures were above 26C. On summer days, 20% or more of the ponds often had DO concentrations below 2 mgjliter at dawn. During the I54-day period, I May through I October, emergency aeration was employed a total of 410 times in the 36 ponds. During the summer, at least 1 pond was aerated most nights, and a maximum of 9 ponds was aerated on a single night. Findings suggest that at least I aeration unit should be available for each 4 ponds.

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