Evaluation Of The Removal Of A Minimum Size Limit On Walleye In Glenville Reservoir, North Carolina

The removal of a 381 mm minimum size limit on walleye in Glenville Reservoir, North Carolina did not significantly affect the mean calculated total length ofthose fishes at the first 3 annuli. However, a significant increase in calculated total length was determined at the fourth annulus. There were no significant changes in the mean calculated growth increments. Comparisons of net survey data collected before and after removal of the minimum size limit showed no change in the average catch of walleye per net-day. Also, there was no significant change in the mean total length and the mean age of walleye caught by anglers. The increased exploitation afforded by removal of the minimum size limit had no effect on the annual harvest of walleye and had a positive effect on the growth of older walleye.

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