Comparison Of Various Mark-Recapture Techniques For Estimating Abundance Of Largemouth Bass In Barkley Lake, Kentucky

Estimates of the number of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) 153 mm and longer in Crooked Creek Bay made by mark-recapture techniques were compared with rotenone estimates. Electrofishing was used to collect bass for marking, while electrofishing and angling provided recaptures. Estimates obtained by Petersen and Schnabel methods generally were lower than rotenone estimates. Both methods estimated the number of intermediate-size bass more accurately than adult bass. Size distributions of bass captured by angling, electrofishing, and rotenone recovery showed no differences in the location of their central tendencies. All 3 sampling methods were selective for bass in the 293 to 368-mm size group. Electrofishing and rotenone also showed selectivity for 445 to 521-mm bass.

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