Ages Assigned Known-Age Texas White-Tailed Deer: Tooth Wear Versus Cementum Analysis

Incisors and jawbones were collected from known-age Texas white-tailed deer (Odocoileus \\'i,.~inianus texanus) which had been captured, ear-tagged, and released as fawns and harvested during public hunts in subsequent years. Incisors from 25 knownage whitetails were aged by Matson's Commercial Microtechnique Laboratory using the cementum analysis technique. The jawbones from these same 25 deer were aged using the tooth replacement and wear technique by wildlife biologists / wildlife technicians of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Matson correctly aged 4 (16.0o/r) of the 25 knownage incisors. Nineteen (90.5%) of the incorrect ages assigned by Matson were younger than the known age. Biologists/technicians correctly aged 242 (66.7%) of 363 possible assigned ages using the tooth replacement and wear technique. Ninety-two (76.0%) of the incorrect ages assigned by the biologists technicians were older than the known age.

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