Role Of Law Enforcement Officer In Hunter Safety

Virginia's Hunter Safety program began as a voluntary effort of game wardens in the field and has always depended heavily on law enforcement personnel. Wardens were among the first instructors trained and have been involved in training the majority of the 192,000 safe hunters graduated to date. The recent creation of an Assistant Supervisor for Education in each of the 6 districts has given the hunter safety program a big boost. These people facilitate the flow of equipment and materials in the district. The training is usually offered as a part of the Physical Education Program. Field experience indicates the program is having a positive effect. Graduates of the course are usually courteous and law abiding, a far cry from the trouble makers often encountered. It provides a golden opportunity for law enforcement officers to relate to young and old alike. Getting into the school system with the safety message also opens doors for other school programs in the conservation field. It has done much to improve the image of Virginia Game Wardens.

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