Impact Of Market Dynamics On Missouri's Furbearer Harvest System

Increased commercial demand for wild furs had substantial influence on various aspects of Missouri's furbearer harvest system. Significant (P < .05) positive correlations existed between inflated market values and fur trader numbers, trapper numbers, raccoon (Procyon 1010r) hunter numbers, raccoon hunter individual efforts and harvests of high demand furbearers and certain other species. Little correlation existed following transformation of inflated values to inflation-adjusted standards. Trapper recruitment during active market periods concentrated heavily on young individuals. Mean trapper efforts and total catch were lower in 1977-78 than 1972-73 despite increased market demand and increased mean trapper expenditures. The reductions were attributed to equipment and experience deficiencies of newer trapping recruits, more restrictive trapping regulations, variable weather conditions during trapping periods and distribution of total catch among a greater number of participants.

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